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Sep. 17th, 2020

dropbox / about me / ???

I'm a twenty-seven-year-old Tagalog and Ilocano Kiwipina who majored in film, theater, and second language education with some New Zealand Sign Language, linguistics, and Spanish along the way. I act, do theatre publicity, and work as a receptionist at the city hospital. Once upon a time (2010) I was on the Disney International College Program. I've been roleplaying on Livejournal then Dreamwidth for so long that Insanejournal's roleplaying culture totally confuses me.

character cast list

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Other homeless characters at Dreamwidth!

Feb. 7th, 2020

game history

Roughly chronological order by game, starting late 2007. Not including Digital Dive (too many to remember), games I didn't end up actually playing in, and NPCs. Single canon games have canons marked.

only about three of these have been on IJ )

I find it fascinating that listing your game history and keeping it handy is a Thing over here! In DWRP it only really comes up in the occasional Plurk meme.

Oct. 25th, 2017

experimenting with divs for the period/fantasy POC icon list

test test )

Sara Garcia

Bérénice Bejo
A Knight's Tale

Morena Baccarin
Stargate SG-1

Zoe Saldana
Dominican, Puerto Rican
Pirates of the Caribbean

Adria Arjona
Guetemalan, Puerto Rican
Emerald City 1, 2 (scattered), 3

Patricia Velasquez
Venezuelan: Wayuu/mestizo
The Mummy

Dec. 31st, 2016

AND New Year's resolutions for 2016

Learn how to beatbox.
I want to be able to do more musical things with my mouth and have more ways of mediocrely accompanying people. (Also I think it will drive my mother nuts; she's already unimpressed by my rapping.)

Comment on fics that I like instead of only liking/kudosing and/or downloading, and reply to comments I receive.
I've made some really good friends through commenting on fanfiction. I really enjoy when people pull out the parts of fics they like, or even take the time to comment at all. Time to pay that back and pay it forward.

Finish at least four games from my 'currently' playing pile and my backlog (combined, not finish the current pile + four from the backlog).
I should probably get my money's worth out of the games I hoard, even if I only buy them on sale. Also, I feel like I say "I love video games" a lot while actually mainly being obsessed with about five.

Finish more roleplaying threads.
Part of an ongoing goal to be more consistent with roleplaying. I love it, but finishing threads is a rarity for me and I want to turn that around.

Get my learner's licence.
I've had the road code sitting on my desk at work for over a year. I need to finally do the thing.

Mar. 6th, 2016

[No Subject]

theatre industry problems: when you're cruising agent sites for PB ideas for a character and you find your executive producer

Jan. 7th, 2016

crosspost/backup from Tumblr: so I bought a Finn Pop Vinyl

Finn was my favorite lead out of The Force Awakens. He hits several points on my character type bingo sheet and he's a lead of color in genre fiction. For a Filipina who grew up in New Zealand and briefly in Michigan, with nerd parents who own pretty much everything with the word Star at the front, who saw The Phantom Menace in theaters twice (it came out when my sister was one and apparently my parents don't believe in babysitters, so I ended up seeing it with both parents), who gets asked "oh, were you in Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit?" as the most frequent question by people finding out I'm an actor, a lead of color in genre fiction is a big deal. I'm the kind of person who yells "ASIANS!" in excitement seeing Asian extras in fantasy or scifi (most recently with The Shannara Chronicles).

I saw TFA about a week or so after opening, so half my social networks had already been filled with #WheresRey and complaints about fandom ignoring the girl for the boring boys. Which made me feel kind of bad for being lukewarm on Rey and for buying a Finn Pop. (When I looked for him immediately after seeing the movie, EB Games had piles of Reys and a handful of Poes.) While it hasn't been said outright, the casting and the fandom makes me feel like I need to choose sides in whom I'm happiest about, like I need to choose between my ethnicity - my identity as a person of color - and my gender. I chose my ethnicity - partially for characterization preferences, partially because I've literally had a white female scifi lead as part of my curriculum (Alien was one of the films my Film 101 class looked at) - when really, I shouldn't have to choose. I'm a woman of color. They're both parts of my identity, the two most visible parts.

Obviously along with the narrative points of #WheresRey, I agree with the point that little girls deserve toys of someone who represents them. But the only Asian dolls I had growing up were Serena and Amy from Sailor Moon (and at age five, with Americanized names, I had no idea they were Japanese), Disney's Mulan, and a few Filipina Barbies in traditional costume, only one of which I'd ever seen someone wearing in real life. The rest of my collection was white girls. And it was a decent collection; I'm upper middle class and was an only child until I was seven.

Where's Jessika?

Earlier I mentioned I yell "ASIANS!" at background characters in genre fiction. For the handful of seconds of Jessika Pava, I was squealing, "Oh my god, is she Asian?" Short shots mostly obscured by a big helmet make it pretty hard to tell. I was delighted when I got home and looked her up and found that yes, one of the pilots was played by half Chinese Jessica Henwick.

I want merchandise of Jessika Pava. Sure, she only had a couple of lines, but Luke had none, Vader was dead, and there are plenty of generic Stormtroopers and First Order toys. I want merchandise of Korr Sella, of Tabala Zo, of Ensign Goode. I want Star Wars merchandise of women of color. I want the second female lead in VIII to be played by Gina Rodriguez. I want more visible Star Wars women of color both onscreen (sorry, Maz) and in the merch.

Don't make me choose, Star Wars.

Jan. 1st, 2016

crosspost from Tumblr (I'll do the full year in review meme some time)

main fandoms, faves, discoveries, etc )

I forgot to import this here when I crossposted to Dreamwidth

originally here

Recently I've been giffing Uncharted 4's Nadine Ross, a black South African character, who is played by white actor Laura Bailey. Nadine was designed as a black character after casting and filming white actor Laura Bailey, despite the fact that white South Africans with Afrikaans accents exist. (Video game character example: Zaeed Massani from Mass Effect, who was played by white South African born actor Robin Sachs.) While I'd rather have a female character of color played by a white actor than no female character of color at all, the choice to make her black after casting, despite in-studio concerns, is another example of Naughty Dog's view of race as an aesthetic thing, not part of the character.

Yes, Naughty Dog, not Druckmann, because this was not the first time.

Remember Chloe? )

Dec. 21st, 2015

note to self

to delete multiple Memories + entries that have had privacy adjusted: add &multidelete=1 to the end of the URL

Nov. 12th, 2015

[No Subject]

I've been wanting to icon the Hamilton cast since gifs and that photoshoot in costume on the subway first started appearing on my Tumblr dash last month and I had no idea what it was beyond tons of POC in period clothing, but now that I've started to slip down the rabbit hole of listening to it and gradually understanding the plot, I only want to icon them more.


(Not that I've figured out what the hell videos people are giffing from. The only decent quality stuff I've found is montages with really short shots, those 60 Minutes segments, and half of "Burn".)

Nov. 6th, 2015

I'm trying to use this more

Now that my Life is Strange thoughts have had time to marinate a little since finishing the game...

talk of suicide + Episode 5 spoilers )

Oct. 30th, 2015

[No Subject]

Charge nurse: "So, Caryl, what's happening in your life?"
Me: "Well, I just got some part time... seasonal..." [throws hands in the air, because arts jobs are weird] "Work as a publicist for six shows next year, so we're starting to plan for that."
Charge nurse: "Oh, cool! ... So you're a publicist... Does that mean you write the plays?"

Sep. 30th, 2015

off-site PB icons I may wish to use

mostly from [ profile] thehollowedartists
unless stated otherwise, straight hair, short for male, long for female

Arab )

Asian )

black )

indigenous )

Latin@ )
  • male: Venezuelan: black wavy hair: 29: Rafael de La Fuente

    mixed )

    ??? )

    white )

    Filipino PB icons

    not icons:
  • nine blonde WOC
  • Filipino listing
  • Native (North American) actors 2
  • Mar. 12th, 2014

    High School Musical and the feminist narrative tests

    idk man, I've been thinking about my pet canons and the feminist narrative tests (which I know are not the be all and end all of how feminist a work is) and today I sat down and ran the High School Musical films through them. I figured they'd be the easiest to test drive the way I view the stories (I tend to have difficulty with the Mako Mori and the Willis tests) and the table layout with seeing as there's only four.

    They did better than I'd expected! )

    Discuss or something? I could be remembering things wrong.

    Jan. 29th, 2014

    [No Subject]

    Oh man. I've been looking for a place to put my [info]jaegerbombs girls basically since the game closed, because I loved making them and was gutted the game didn't work out. I was going to take Amelia to [community profile] crux_fleet because the tech advances and total lack of Deaf culture would have been interesting for her to deal with (thought about Ngaio but I was also thinking of apping Sam from Tomb Raider and they're kind of similar), but now there's [community profile] jaegeracademy and it's not just canon + OCs, it's AU (the amount of other canons into PacRim AUs I have is embarrassing, but luckily they're not all for characters I play) and the AC's totally doable and it's at a place in the timeline that my girls only need a little tweaking to fit :D

    excited app writing!!

    Jan. 21st, 2014

    a rare post that isn't imported from DW

    I've been wondering lately if I'm just generally not suited to IJRP - higher activity requirements than I'm used to even seeing let alone playing in (plus I'm way bigger on commenting than posting), faster threads when I tend to tag pretty slowly even on days when I am tagging (I've had lots lately when I'm just not feeling it), shorter allowed hiatus times, several games that don't allow video game characters. Like, I don't even mind the shenanigans of trying to find PBs for non-live action characters, but the pace is the main thing.

    My home game that I've been co-mod of for the last two years is in endgame and I've been saying to myself, I'll be so relieved to not be modding when we close, I'm going to stop modding and just play.

    So naturally I woke up with a Harry Potter game idea that would probably be more suited to IJ because there's more Harry Potter and OC play here.

    someone can adopt this but please make the activity requirements not require a post )

    Nov. 19th, 2013

    I live a screeching in terror at The Last of Us life

    TLOU chatter - I'm in Winter )